Electronic Shisha


Electronic Shisha

NEwhere Premium Vapor Products Electronic Shisha line have become a great hit among vape enthusiasts ever since its launch in 2013. Event hough regulations prohibit Hookah Pens or rather E-Hookahs and E-Cigarettes to be titled smoking cessation products, more tobacco smokers are finding these innovative devices to aid them in their struggle to kick the habit.

NEwhere’s Hookah Pens come in 8 unique flavors that all contain zero nicotine, making these e-hookahs the perfect candidate for kicking the habit. Additionally new and unique favors are to be announce shortly. Whether you like the tropical flavors of pineapple, the smooth sweet hints of vanilla or the summery burst of berries, NEwhere’s Electronic Shisha is the choice for you.

e-hookah-san-francisco-bay-area-newhere electronic-shisha-newhere-hookah-pen

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  • Ali Esmaili
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