E-Hookah in Louisiana


E-Hookah in Louisiana

The term E-Hookah is a fairly new phenomenon and is usually interchangeable with “Electronic Hookah” as well as “Hookah Pen“. Most however wonder what the difference is between E-Cigarettes and E-Hookahs, the truth is that there is no legal definitions nor is there an industry standard that differentiates these two words.
At NEwhere Premium Vapor Products however what differentiates our E-Hookah line-up from our E-Cigarettes is that all the E-Hookahs contain ZERO Nicotine! The NEwhere E-Hookah line-up is available in several fantastic and unique flavors that contain no nicotine. These E-Hookah’s have been available nationwide through online ordering for quite some time now. Recently however they became available nationwide in local authorized stores and retailers as well.
You can now get these delicious vapor products such as the NEwhere E-Hookah in Louisiana in cities and neighborhoods such as New Orleans, Alexandria, and Baton Rouge!


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