Are e Cigs Bad For You?

Are e Cigs Bad For You?

Look around the room at any party you attend these days and you are likely to see an increasing number of people enjoying e Cigs, e Cigars or an e Hookah Pen. As traditional cigarettes have become illegal to use in most restaurants and bars as well as outdoor dining areas, smokers have turned to e cigs as a smart alternative. But some individuals and critics of smoking are posing the question, are e Cigs bad for you?

Are e Cigs bad for you?

Safer Than Cigarettes 

The good news is that the benefits of replacing traditional tobacco cigarettes with e cigs or e cigars actually outweigh the drawbacks. E cigarettes pose many fewer safety hazards than traditional tobacco cigarettes. Since e cigs do not have to be lit with an open flame or match to be enjoyed, there is no danger of lighting anything on fire.

No Smoke or Odor 

Another thing that’s safer about e cigs and using an e hookah pen is that there is no smell of smoke to permeate the room, the clothing and hair or the furniture. The e cigarette user enjoys the sensation of drawing in smoke into their mouth and blowing it out, but it’s really just a mist of nicotine heated with glycerin, propylene glycol and water. There is no residual smell or odor helping you stay fresh and clean.

Less Expensive

Another good benefit to choosing e cigs over traditional tobacco cigarettes is that they are much cheaper to use, usually about one half the cost of smoking traditional tobacco products. Using a device such as an e hookah pen to enjoy the pleasures of smoking is also not subject to the extremely high cigarette taxes that most states now levy on traditional tobacco cigarettes. Overall savings for e cig smokers can amount to more than $100 a month.

No Tar and Other Toxins

Compared to traditional tobacco products, e cigs, e cigars and using an e hookah pen is an alternative for those who enjoy smoking. E cigs allow a smoker to get their nicotine fix without inhaling the tar and numerous other toxins contained in traditional cigarettes that can lead to cancer and other chronic cardiopulmonary diseases. An increasing number of doctors are acknowledging that e cigs are a reliable tool that can be used by people who want to quit smoking tobacco cigarettes. A study recently done in Great Britain proved that using e-cigarettes was as effective a method for cutting down on smoking as using a nicotine patch.

So the next time someone asks are E cigs bad for you, you can tell them that they are an odor-free, tar-free, less expensive alternative for smokers.

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