Zero Nicotine Hookah Pens

Zero Nicotine Hookah Pens

Zero Nicotine Hookah Pens

Hookah Pens are commonly known as electronic cigarettes or vape pens. In all actuality the specific name and denomination is really depending on the manufacturer. At NEwhere Premium Vapor Products our Hookah Pen line-up refers to all vape pens that contain ZERO NICOTINE.

NEwhere’s Zero Nicotine Hookah Pens contain no tar either unlike conventional tobacco products such as cigarettes. Tar is the matter produced when combustion of tobacco occurs in products such as in cigarettes. Tar is toxic and damaging to the lung where it can reach during the act of smoking tobacco products.

The Zero Nicotine Hookah Pens from NEwhere also come in several different flavors including Melon, Pina Colada, Pink Lemonade and Sour Apples. These Hookah Pens pack an impressive punch in terms of vapor production and their premium battery pack lasts longer too. Try one today by dropping by your local NEwhere authorized retailer using the NEwhere Store Locator or order your favorite flavor online at the NEwhere online shop!



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