Orange Flavored Vape Pen

Orange Flavored Vape Pen

Orange Flavored Vape Pen

Vape Pens come in many different shapes, sizes and flavors. Even their performance differs greatly depending on make and model. Some Vape Pens last longer while others have greater vapor production and so on and forth. However the most important differentiator for most consumers is the flavor of the vape pen. You can practically find vape pens these days with flavors ranging from Pina Colada and Watermelon to Strawberry Banana and Orange Flavored Vape Pen.

At NEwhere Premium Vapor Products you can find a wide range of different flavors. Each and one is a uniquely and carefully crafted formula to speak to your senses. Whether you like the sweet tropical flavors of coconut (Pina Colada) and pineapple (Island Squeeze) or the more tangy notes of sour green apples (Sour Appletini), there is a flavor for everyone.

One of the popular flavors among the NEwhere Vape Pen line-up is the Orange Flavored Vape Pen officially dubbed: “Orange Cream“. This amazing flavor gives you a distinct citrusy orange flavor with in perfect harmony with sweet undertones of vanilla. Try the Orange Flavored Vape Pen today at your local authorized NEwhere retailer (find a store) or through the NEwhere online shop!


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