New Hookah Pen Flavors

New Hookah Pen Flavors

New Hookah Pen Flavors

Have you met the new Trio? NEwhere’s New Hookah Pen Flavors have arrived, meet: Big Melons, Pink Lemonade, and Pina Colada! These colorful bursts of fun and juicy flavors are available at your local NEwhere authorized retailer (find a store) or to order from the comfort of your computer at the NEwhere Online Shop!
The Big Melons is a sweet sensation of honey dew melons while the Pink Lemonade has a citrusy but sweet burst of joy and last but not least the Piña Colada will take you back to the islands with the perfect marriage of coconut and pineapple!

For a completely new vape experience try the New Hookah Pen Flavors from NEwhere today!



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  • Ali Esmaili
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