NEwhere E Hookah Pen Review

NEwhere E Hookah Pen Review

Our latest review comes from The Best Electronic Cigarette Review (TBEC Review) website. A dedicated group of guys who test and measure the performance of electronic cigarettes and e hookah pens, TBEC recently reviewed all of our electronic hookah pens and hookah pen flavors.

In a nutshell, our e Hookah pens received multiple 9 out of 10’s ratings and far more pros than cons. Here are some of the pros: (1) Elegant modern design, (2) Small and lightweight, (3) Great range of flavors, (4) Reasonable price, and (5) Good battery life. The only con we received was our “Air hole placement” which our engineering team is working diligently to come up with a better solution/product.

Below is a snapshot of their review:

E Hookah Pen Review

You can find the review here. Overall, TBEC gave us a review similar to what our customers say. Our E Hookah Pens last for a few days ranging from 500 to 800 puffs for a single pen. They also loved our selection of 11 unique flavors, one of the strongest assets we have here at NEwhere – Premium Vapor Products. If you’re contemplating purchasing an electronic hookah pen from us, use promo code “NE25″ for a 25% discount when checking out.

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