First E-Cigarette TV Commercial


First E-Cigarette TV Commercial

The First E-Cigarette TV Commercial is to be shown in the UK, the BBC reported. The British Broadcasting Channel reported earlier today on their website that ‘while e-cigarette tv commercials have been on TV for some time, showing the device itself was banned until a change in advertising rules which came into force overnight.

The BBC continuos to explain in the report however that ‘the Committee of Advertising Practice has ruled that commercials are not allowed not show tobacco “in a positive light“.’

There are concerns about this recently development however. In the same report by the BBC, Deborah Arnott, chief executive of health charity Ash is quoted commenting that ‘there is a growing evidence that people are using electronic cigarettes as a way of cutting down or quitting smoking and very little evidence of people who have never smoked using them.

The e-cigarette industry in the US will follow the development across the Atlantic in the UK and the rest of the EU very closely. Read the full BBC article on the First E-Cigarette TV Commercial in the UK.


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  • Ali Esmaili
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