NEwhere – Top 5 Best Sellers of 2014

NEwhere – Top 5 Best Sellers of 2014

NEwhere is one of the leading brands of Electronic Cigarettes, as well as eHookah Pens and eCigars. We are well known for our smooth eHookahs and eCigs. Selling both in stores and online, and offering nicotine free options, we are the brand looked for when buying Electronic Cigarettes. Read this list of our 5 most popular products of 2014 to discover why you should choose NWwhere for all of your Electronic Cigarette needs!

Number 5: NEwhere Zero Nicotine E-Hookah-Pen “SmoothBerry”. With a perfect balance of vanilla and raspberry flavors, the SmoothBerry E-Hookah-Pen is well loved because of its sweet and tangy mix. The fact that it contains zero nicotine, means that everyone can enjoy it. The flavor is irresistible! Currently listed for $9.99.

classic-tobacco-e-cigarette-vaporizerNumber 4: NEwhere Non-Rechargeable eCig (Classic Tobacco). For a Classic Tobacco taste without breaking the bank, the Non-Rechargeable eCig has you covered! You get 800 puffs from this eCig, which equals 2 packs of traditional cigarettes, without the smoke, tar, or odor! These sleek beauties sell for $9.99.

Number 3: NEwhere Zero Nicotine E-Hookah-Pen “Grape Gatsby”. Another popular Zero Nicotine eHookah pen is the Grape Gatsby. It is stylish and convenient, with a bold grape flavor! Like candy in your mouth! Currently listed for $9.99.

Number 2: NEwhere Zero Nicotine E-Hookah-Pen “Sour Appletini”. It’s an apple, it’s a martini… it’s an Appletini! Our popular Zero Nicotine eHookah Pens have stepped it up a notch with this flavor. Invite the party to your mouth! Sweet, tangy, and sour all mixed together to wake up your taste buds! Get yours for the special price of $9.99.

Menthol Flavored E CigaretteNumber 1: NEwhere Non Rechargeable eCig (Refreshing Menthol). As with all of our Electronic Cigarettes, the Refreshing Menthol eCig is smoke, odor, tar, and tobacco free making it the best option when using around those who suffer from asthma and those who simply dislike the gross smell of secondhand smoke! This is hands-down our most popular eCig and the fact that this product is eligible for NEwhere’s Recycle Program, makes it even more appealing. Available for the low price of $9.99.


Our compact, stylish, and amazing variety of smooth flavors have made us the leading brand of eCigs, eCigars, and eHookah Pens for a reason! Try one of our top 5 or step outside of the box and choose your own favorites on our website or at a retail store near you!

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