Protecting Your Teeth with E-Cigs

Protecting Your Teeth with E-Cigs

Electronic cigarettes represent a major improvement over traditional cigarettes. They offer more variety in flavor without the effects of odor and tar on clothing or the body. Your teeth are one of the first points of exposure to cigarette smoking. As a result, many consumers are switching to electronic cigarettes to help protect their teeth.

Smoking Risk Factors

Cigarette smoke can be a dirty habit. The tar filled smoke can leave considerable aesthetic and health-related issues with the teeth. The loss of a healthy looking smile is just one of the risk factors associated with smoking traditional cigarettes.

Decay and Loss of Teeth

Tar is a powerful substance. In fact, it’s powerful enough to double the chance of decay or tooth loss than a nonsmoker. How does this happen? Cigarette tar pools on the surface of the teeth and increases the chance of more plaque building up on the teeth. Plaque is a waxy substance that eventually hardens to form a shell that makes it difficult to fight off bacteria that can enter the enamel.

Risk of Cancer

Cigarettes have proven to increase the chance of cancer in the body. Gum infections and mouth sores are open wounds to the carcinogens associated with cigarette smoke. The lining of the mouth is also a prime spot for long-term damage that can lead to cancer. Carcinogenic material from the combustible smoke can lead to mouth cancer in these areas.

Poor Aesthetic

Besides major health issues, cigarette smoke can lead to some pretty unpleasant side affects that affect appearance. Teeth are stained a deep yellow color. Cigarette smoke burns and cools in the mouth that can lead to chronic bad breath. The bad breath can be doubled when decay is evident during regular dental care.

Heart Health

E-cigarettes offer several advantages of traditional cigarettes when it comes to dental health. The heavy smoke of traditional cigarettes can restrict blood flow and place a strain on the heart over time. Healthy gums will provide protection against forms of heart disease. Dental health is directly connected to your cardiovascular health.

Vape Starter Kits don’t promote the same level of combustion associated with other cigarettes. This lack of burning reduces the risk of open sores and increasing the chance for heart disease.

A Cleaner Solution

Protecting Your Teeth with E-CigsA healthy smile goes a long way in many areas in life. It can affect everything from relationships to tell all signs about your personal health. It has a large impact in overall appearance and can give the necessary boost in self-esteem for that important job interview. Electronic cigarettes don’t release harmful smoke due to the lack of combustion. The material is vaporized using water vapor.

This lack of combustion has a major impact on your teeth and mouth. No lingering odors are produced. The “smoke” is instantly dissipated in the form of water vapor. Water vapor in this form can’t discolor teeth or cause open sores inside the mouth due to hot smoke. Many cardiologists and periodontists are making a link between unhealthy gums and cardiovascular health. This ongoing research makes the water vapor technology a healthy choice.

Electronic cigarettes  can keep your healthy smile with fewer costs in dental care. A bright smile is the sign for good health. They represent a clean and mobile solution that can save money as well as offer the opportunity to quit the nicotine habit. Low and 0% nicotine varieties are available. E-cigarettes represent a new world of smoking that protect the teeth and reduce overall costs dramatically.



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