The Leader in Electronic Cigarettes, Hookah Pens & Vaporizer Pens

The Leader in Electronic Cigarettes, Hookah Pens & Vaporizer Pens

Change the way you puff with NEwhere’s special line of e-Cigs. These smooth, flavor-filled devices are specially engineered to deliver continuous taste on demand. Available in a range of fresh flavors, our sleek vapor electronic cigarettes are ideal for those who love to vape but hate the inconveniences of charging up and loading cartridges.

Electronic Cigar

Ready to bring your stogie enjoyment into the modern age? Perfect for celebrations, occasions or simple chill-out sessions, our e cigars make it easy to smoke on the go.

Stay fresh and odor-free while sporting the appeal of a traditional cigar aesthetic. At 1,000 puffs each, these heavy hitters take the vape experience to the next level without ever losing their smooth flavor.

E Hookah Pen

Why wait around for the coals to heat up just to enjoy your favorite smoke flavors? Get that authentic experience in an instant by grabbing our awesome hookah pens. Unlike other electronic cigarettes, these completely disposable flavored hookah pens deliver an amazingly rich gustatory experience for the complete duration of their lifetimes, and they’re super easy to use.

Are You Ready to Experience the NEwhere Difference?

What sets us apart from the crowd? Although there are plenty of items out there that promise consistent taste, only ours are made with the newest cutting edge technology and designed for ultimate convenience. We’ve worked insanely hard to earn our reputation as a provider of premium vapor products, and our e cigs make it super easy to judge our efforts for yourself.

We’re one of the few manufacturers of completely disposable premium vapor devices, so you can smoke without a care regardless where you happen to be when the inclination strikes you. Of course, we also offer a recycle program that makes it easy to protect the environment even as you safeguard your lungs from the carcinogens, tobacco and nasty tars found in normal cigarettes.

So, are you prepared for our extensive range of vapor electronic cigarettes and flavored hookah pens to completely redefine your current experience? Try an NEwhere today at one of our many partner retailers to find out.

Customer Reviews

Menthol eCigElectronic Cig Review:
“The Refreshing Menthol e cigs have become my go to whenever I start craving. The fact that I don’t have to mess around with an atomizer makes it super convenient. I can also keep them right in my pocket without worrying about them getting crushed when I sit down at work.” – James from Raleigh, NC





Sour Apple eHookah PenE-Hookah Pen Review:
“I love a good hookah session, but I don’t always have the time. These Sour Appletini hookah pens from NEwhere let me get my fill on the go, and I don’t have to clean a nasty hookah bowl afterwards.” – Michelle from Riverside, CA





Classic Tobacco eCigVapor Electronic Cigarette Review:

“I was tired of dealing with products that I had to recharge or tinker with. The fact that the NEwhere Classic Tobacco vapor electronic cigarettes are disposable was a big draw for me. Best of all, they’re perfect for stealth.” – Kenton from Dallas, TX





Watermelon eCigarE-Cigar Review:
“I’m glad I found these e cigars. Vapes and normal electronic cigarettes are great, but most simply don’t deliver enough vapor. It’s awesome that I get hundreds of puffs out of each one, and the tasty watermelon flavor doesn’t hurt either.” – Lamar – El Segundo, CA

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