5 Facts Most People Get Wrong About Vaping

5 Facts Most People Get Wrong About Vaping

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You may hear comments that regular tobacco cigarettes, vapes, and e-liquids pose health risks to users. The problem with the general classification of the three products probably arises from the failure to understand that each of them has different contents. A vaping product user is sometimes seen the same way as a person who smokes tobacco. So what misunderstandings exist about vaping?

1. Vaping Is More Harmful Than Smoking Regular Cigarettes

The principal selling point against vaping is that it is more harmful than smoke from tobacco cigarettes or forest fires. A 2012 Geek study disproves of this notion. The 2012 paper entitled Acute effects of using an electronic nicotine delivery device on myocardial function: comparison with regular cigarettes provides enough proof of vaping being less harmful. Electronic cigarettes contain less toxic chemicals, so they are may be considered less harmful than tobacco cigarettes.

According to, E-cigs may contain toxic substances but the toxicants are 9 to 450 times lower than in regular cigarettes.

Further evidence of how safe E-cigarettes are is provided in a 2012 study-Comparison of the effects of e-cigarette vapor and cigarette smoke on indoor air quality. After analyzing the compounds in electronic cigarettes, researchers never found any danger from e-cigarette emissions. The study shows that e- cigarettes do not pose any known risk to human health.

2. Vaping Should Be Restricted As Smoking of Regular Cigarettes

Campaigners against e-cigarettes often argue for the banning of vaping as it may produce “secondhand vapor”. Vaping isn’t safe. It should be legislated just like the smoking of regular cigarettes,” are some typical statements by people who are anti e-cigarettes.
So what is the truth about the secondhand vapor from e-cigarettes? There is no combustion in e-cigarettes, and no by-products are ever released to the environment when vaping occurs. The issue of secondhand vapor from e-cigarettes and the risk it may pose does not arise!

3. Vaping Does Not Help Smokers Quit

Why vape when the exercise cannot help you quit smoking? The average person may think that smoking tobacco cigarettes and e-cigarettes are one and the same thing.
You only need to look at the facts below to get a different understanding of vaping.

The results of an international survey on the effects of vaping bring out the positive side of e-cigarettes. A report in site indicates that 72% of e-cigarettes users were able to deal with tobacco cravings, 92% reduce the smoking of regular cigarettes. A whopping 96% of tobacco cigarette users quit smoking while relying on e-cigarettes.

Even the concedes that vaping is helpful as a smoking quitting tool.

4. E-Cigarettes and Vape Pens Are the Same

Many people think that e-cigarettes and vape pens are the same products. E-cigarettes have high nicotine content and often come with prefilled nicotine cartridges. Advanced personal vaporizers (AVP Vape pens) produce more vapor and have adjustable nicotine levels.

Another difference between e-cigarettes and vape pens is that e-cigarettes’ flavor selection is limited while the flavor selection and nicotine levels of AVP vape pens are so broad. Tobacco companies do not even manufacture vapes. Vaping and the smoking of e-cigs are, therefore, two different things.

5. Vaping Products Have High Nicotine Levels

Girl Vaping OutsideThe media often represents vaping products as nicotine-ridden. However, our products give evidence to show that e-liquids have very little or no nicotine. At NEwhere, we provide the option of Zero Nicotine e-Liquids with amazing flavor options. E-liquids that produce more vapor contain less nicotine. E-liquids with high nicotine levels may be less enjoyable as the flavor is already enchanted by the nicotine. As a result of the customers preference for flavor, e-liquid users will end up taking less or no nicotine vaping products.

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