Top 5 Questions People Ask About E-Cig Atomizers

Top 5 Questions People Ask About E-Cig Atomizers
E-Cig Atomizer

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Every day, thousands of smokers and other nicotine consumers turn to vaping and e-cigs, the new way to get a clean fix. Whether used a cessation aid, or simply enjoyed for their wide variety of mouth feel qualities, e-cigarettes are becoming increasingly popular around the world. In conformity to new legal restrictions on tobacco smoking, or simply as a way to join in today’s healthy lifestyle trends, e-cig “vaping”, as it is known to enthusiasts, combines cutting-edge modern technology with a pleasant, smoking-like experience.

But with modern innovations come new terms, which can be strange or confusing to the beginner. In today’s post, we will address the atomizer, and answer five common questions that we get from our customers about this vital component to their vaping experience.

What is an Atomizer?

Hundreds of years ago, inventive chemists devised a way to turn the essential elements of liquid into a vapor. The atomizer in modern e-cigarettes is designed to do the same thing – convert a special nicotine liquid into breathable vapor that users inhale. Cutting edge technology allows atomizers to use heat to transform a wide variety of vaping liquids into refreshing, delicious velvety vapor.

Think of the atomizer as the engine under the hood of your car. Some customers prefer a powerful atomizer to generate voluminous clouds of vapor. Other atomizers are custom-designed to provide a delicious enhancement to e-cig flavor. Atomizers can also be used to pack a more powerful “throat hit” when delivering streams of vapor.

Are Atomizers safe?

Without a doubt. An ordinary cigarette lighter is hundreds of times more dangerous, as it involves open flame and a potentially explosive gas. Atomizers used in e-cigarettes are shielded by both the cartridge and the outer shell, so any heat making it to the surface is negligible. Unlike paper cigarettes, e-cigarettes never get hot enough to start a fire.

That being said, any time heat is introduced into the equation, there is always a small risk of accident or injury. One of the benefits of the new Elite 1.0 Vaporizer is its custom safety feature that automatically disengages the atomizer after 10 seconds of continuous activation. With this automatic cutoff switch, users can rest be assured that their atomizer will never get dangerously hot.

What exactly does the Atomizer do?

Although each manufacturer has their own trade secrets, e-cig atomizers are controlled by a microcomputer smart ship. When a user takes a vape (puff) on the e-cig, a signal activates the battery to send a burst of power to the atomizer. The atomizer is custom designed to convert electrical energy into heat, transforming the specially designed e-cig liquid into a refreshing cloud of vapor. Meanwhile, a wicking material continues to feed the liquid into the heating coil, providing users with consistent mouth feel and vapor enjoyment.

What maintenance does my Atomizer need?

Through normal use, atomizers will begin to accumulate a bit of dirt, grime and dried liquid. This is completely normal, and users may notice decreased efficiency when your e-cig is clogged. Although originally atomizers could be cleaned, today’s manufacturers provide hygienic, easy to replace refills. In fact, every replacement tank for the Elite 1.0 Vaporizer comes with a brand new atomizer, meaning users can neatly dispose of clogged or old atomizers.

How long should I expect my Atomizer to last?

Atomizers work hard to produce the best vaping results possible. Experienced users generally report that their atomizers last anywhere from between 2-4 weeks, depending, of course, on frequency and duration of use. Vapers will begin to notice that their atomizer needs replacing when growing unresponsiveness is characterized by a gurgling noise or lower than expected vapor production.

E-cig users should discard and replace their atomizer if they notice one of the following:

  • Unexplained or mysterious leaks
  • Low or weak vapor production
  • A gurgling, burbling or swirling sound
  • Marked decrease in overall e-cig satisfaction
  • No detectible vapor production whatsoever

The Right Atomizer For You

Although many e-cig users get introduced to vaping from local shops and kiosks, a wider range of quality products is available at a lower price from online vendors such as They offer free shipping and quick, reliable service to serve all of your vaping and e-cig needs.

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