The Inflated Dangers of Vaping Liquid Go Up in Smoke

The Inflated Dangers of Vaping Liquid Go Up in Smoke

E-Liquids with Vape Pen

As an increasing number of people turn to vaping rather than traditional smoking, and the media is turning its sensationalist eye on the potential dangers of vaping. Is vaping really dangerous? How dangerous is it? Understanding the facts about vaping will allow you to make an informed decision that is best for your own health.

The Claims

Recent news reports, including one in the respected New York Times, have focused on the potential poisoning risk inherent to vaping liquid. The liquid nicotine used to make vaping liquid in particular has been criticized, called “poison by the barrel.” The New York Times points out, correctly, that nicotine is a neurotoxin when taken in huge doses, and that small amounts can quickly kill children and pets.

These are scary claims, and like all dangerous lies they have a kernel of truth. Nicotine is indeed a neurotoxin and presents a danger to your kids and pets. In fact, eating normal cigarettes is a common form of poisoning for children and other small animals.

E-Liquid: Not Comparatively Dangerous

We will join the tragic Greek chorus in their warnings about e-liquids and nicotine. It would be dangerous and fool-hardy to leave these products where children and pets may get them. The numbers of poisonings from e-liquid have risen to fifteen times what they were just two years ago.

However, the same danger is present in many common household supplies. Tylenol, commonly given to children, is hepatotoxic in all but the smallest doses, which means it can destroy your child’s liver and ultimately kill them if you leave a bottle out. In addition, pediatricians and veterinarians recommend that you lock up your toothpaste. Fluoride is also a poison in all but the smallest amounts, which is why it prevents cavities so well. The amounts used to brush your teeth are not poisonous to you, but they quickly kill tiny germs that cause damage to teeth. Children die every year from toothpaste poisoning.

E-liquids were the culprit in 1300 cases of poisoning last year. Household cleaners caused 193,443 poisoning cases, toothpaste caused over 20,000, and ink poisoned yet another 11,000 people. Most of these people are children.

Moral of the Story: Don’t Be Stupid

If you care about your children, pets, and other vulnerable members of your home, you will keep e-liquid in a secure place that is not accessible to them. The same is true of your toothpaste, your Mr. Clean, and apparently your ink pens as well.

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