My E-Cig is Leaking; What Now?


Vaporizer pen leaking?E-cigs offer numerous benefits over traditional cigarettes. They don’t have the distinctive odor associated with cigarettes, they are cost-effective and they lack many of the hazardous chemicals found in their traditional counterpart. For these reasons and more, many are making the switch from cigarettes to e-cigs.

However, as with most new things, it can take time to perfect your vaping technique. One of the most common problems among those who enjoy e-cigs is a leaking tank. Read on to find out why your e-cig is leaking and what you can do to avoid this issue.


Common Reasons for a Leaking E-Cig

The Atomizer or Cartomizer is Too Full

For most users who end up with a mouthful of e-liquid, the problem is not a leaking e-cig but a flooding e-cig. The atomizer or cartomizer holds a very small amount of e-liquid, and even the most experienced users may be guilty of overfilling from time to time. If this is a common occurrence for you, consider switching to a clear tank of using pre-filled flavor cartridges.

Improper Inhalation Technique

Switching from traditional cigarettes to e-cigs requires some practice, and many new users experience leaking when they inhale too hard or too quickly. Not only is this distasteful, but it can result in a damaged battery.
E-cigarette vapor should be drawn into the mouth, not the lungs. Depending on your device and the strength of your e-liquid, each draw into the mouth should take between 4 and 8 seconds. Taking your time with each draw allows the atomizer to heat up and vape the liquid, preventing backup fluid and leakage.

Damaged Equipment

A flooded atomizer is a common culprit behind a leaking e-cig. Disassembling your e-cig and allowing all of its parts to dry can often prevent further leakage. However, if you have an old atomizer coil that is no longer producing any vapor, nothing can fix it. It’s time for a replacement.
Alternately, leaking can also be caused by routinely filling a plastic tank with strong flavors, such as menthol or cinnamon. Consider investing in a glass tank, which will provide greater durability and a cleaner vaping experience.

Fixing a Leaking E-Cig

Disassemble your e-cig and use paper towels to thoroughly clean each part. Inspect the device for cracks. If any cracks are present, you will need to replace your e-cig.
If the leaking is due to overfilling, switch to a clear tank or use pre-filled cartridges.
Pay attention to your technique; remember that the e-cig should be held horizontally and the vapors are to be drawn into your mouth, not your lungs.
Ensure that the mouthpiece of your e-cig is elevated when stored.

Leaking is a common complaint among e-cig users. However, by understanding your e-cig equipment and tweaking your technique, you can ensure an enjoyable, leak-free experience.

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