Youth Vaping Statistics Are Misleading


The mainstream media, sponsored by big corporations like Big Tobacco and Pharma, are drawing negative attention towards e-cigarettes in the name of preserving the health of young people. This leads many to believe that children are rapidly becoming addicted to electronic cigarettes. Many people blame this on the large variety of flavors in the e-cigarette market, supposedly making it appealing to children. Interesting enough, the statistics simply don’t add up. Unfortunately, the mainstream media only tells one side of the story. This is propaganda at its finest. As the old saying goes: The devil is in the details.

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Many opponents of the e-cigarette market point out that e-cigarette usage is rising in high schools. Basically, the graph above shows a steady increase in e-cigarette use and a steady decrease in cigarette use. What many opponents leave out is the fact that the graph displays those who have tried e-cigarettes, not necessarily use them on a daily basis. Naturally, teenage humans are prone to experiment with new substances, whether it’s tobacco, cannabis, alcohol or whatever. However, actual usage among youth is surprisingly low, according to specific studies and graphs.

Researches have found that smokers are 100 times more likely to report e-cigarette use compared to non smokers. The study showed that only 1.5 percent of teens use e-cigarettes more than once a month. In actuality, the numbers displayed in the graphs mentioned above are actually ten times smaller. Graphs showing a rise in e-cigarette usage among young people is very misleading, mainly because of all their missing gaps. One should always question a study, even if the sources are very reputable. Let alone, one should definitely question a study that’s funded by big pharma and tobacco.

E-cigarettes are just one of many things that have been opposed for the sake of protecting the young. It has to be realized that parenting is the only thing that’s truly responsible for a young person’s choices and life style. Aside from that, e-cigarette use among the young is not rising, so it’s time to stop trying to fix something that isn’t broken. Also, e-cigarettes are considerably harder for a minor to obtain, mainly because of all the gadgets the come along with it, such as e-juice, chargers, batteries, etc. On the other hand, regular cigarettes can be obtained far easier by having an adult by it for them. E-cigarettes are designed for adults only, and it’s going to stay that way.

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  • Ali Esmaili
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