Top 7 Questions About E-Cigarettes

Top 7 Questions About E-Cigarettes

Many people have heard about e-cigarettes but still have questions about them. The following are some of the most popular questions about e-cigarettes and the equipment needed to smoke them.

Facts on Vaping e-Cigs

E-Cigarette Statistics (Source: American Journal of Preventative Medicine)

1. How Does the E-smoking Experience Compare to Traditional Smoking?

There are both similarities and differences between smoking e-cigarettes and regular cigarettes. The physical motion of smoking is basically the same in both cases, which goes a long way in providing e-smokers with the familiar experience they crave. On the other hand, the experience of inhaling an e-cig is a little different. Many people find the taste more pleasant, especially since you have a choice of flavors. You also miss the typical aftertaste that you get when smoking cigarettes.

2. Is E-Smoking Legal Everywhere?

This is a tricky questions, since laws are always changing and vary from place to place. In general, though, e-smoking is permitted in many places that ban regular smoking. You also should be considerate of others when e-smoking, apart from the issue of legality.

3. What Does E-Liquid Contain?

There are several main ingredients in most e-liquid formulas: water, flavoring, nicotine and substances known as PG and VG. PG is propylene glycol, which is commonly used in many household products, including toothpaste, deodorizers and hand sanitizers. VG , or vegetable glycerin, which is often used in pharmaceutical products. Both PG and VG help to produce vapor.

4. How do Vaporizers Work?

The vaporizer is the battery-operated device that allows you to heat up e-cigarettes without creating any odor or smoke. These devices are usually shaped like cylinders and are also known as electronic nicotine delivery systems or ENDs. When you take a puff of your e-cigarette, a charge is sent to the vaporizer’s two main parts, the atomizer and cartomizer. This heats up the liquid nicotine and causes the vapor to form.

5. Is E-Smoking Cheaper Than Regular Smoking?

Some people are concerned by the initial cost of purchasing e-cigarette kits. You need to buy a kit and accessories such as batteries, charging plugs and extra e-liquid. Once you are set up, however, the cost starts to come down. In fact, if you learn to conserve battery life, you will probably find that e-smoking is cheaper than smoking cigarettes.

6. Is it Difficult to Refill the Cartridges For My E-cigarettes?

Refilling cartridges is a simple process. You unscrew the atomizer and refill it with e-liquid to the recommended level. While the average cartridge lasts about as long as one or two packs of cigarettes, more advanced types can last much longer before you have to replace or refill them.

7. How Long do E-cig Batteries Last?

Like many modern devices, batteries for e-cigarette must be recharged. Recharging batteries usually takes between one and two hours. Battery life will vary depending on the kind of battery you have, but most will last for the equivalent of one pack of cigarettes.

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