Find The Right Nicotine Strength With Vaping


When switching from traditional tobacco cigarettes to an e-cigarette or vaping it is important to consider what nicotine strength is appropriate. The right nicotine strength is determined by the amount of nicotine you are accustomed to from regular smoking. NEwhere has guidance for your selection.

Selecting A Nicotine Level

Finding the right amount of nicotine strength with vaping

Most NEwhere e-liquids are 15ml bottles and we offer different strengths. To select the best nicotine level, this is the NEwhere rule of thumb:

  • Non-smoker – 0
  • Few Cigarettes A Day – 5-10 mg
  • Half A Pack A Day – 10-15 mg
  • More Than Half A Pack A Day – 12-16 mg
  • Pack A Day – 15-20 mg

If the e-liquid seems too hard on your throat, you should try a lower nicotine level. If you find the e-liquid isn’t meeting your usual satisfaction rate, you should consider trying a higher level. For the optimum vaping experience, we recommend gradually lowering your nicotine levels to allow your taste buds to adapt and appreciate the e-liquid flavors more.

If you find you don’t fit into the categories above because you are a social smoker who smokes only one or two cigarettes a week you should consider Newhere’s disposable e-cigarettes with a 2.2% nicotine level. These come in several flavors and offer approximately 800 puffs with no assembly or recharging necessary, and a lower nicotine level for the person who doesn’t smoke regularly.

Nicotine Sickness

It is important to select the right amount of nicotine when switching from cigarettes to vaping because an inappropriate amount of nicotine can make you feel unwell. “Nicotine sickness” includes nausea, dizziness and headache. This is one of the main reasons people give up vaping to return to the cigarettes they are accustomed to. Although nicotine sickness is short term as the body adjusts to nicotine levels, it can be pretty intense and uncomfortable. It is also unnecessary.

You can completely avoid nicotine sickness by selecting the correct level of nicotine. If you are unsure of the correct level, a lower selection is better than selecting a level that is too high. Many vape users find they vape much more frequently than they smoked traditional cigarettes. This is because vaping is convenient and can be done anywhere anytime. The satisfaction you receive from vaping may lead you to do it more often, but if your nicotine level is too high you will ingest more than you used to with traditional cigarettes. If you find you are vaping more than you originally smoked, it’s a good sign you should use a lower nicotine level e-liquid.


Along with selecting the appropriate nicotine strength, flavor is what makes vaping so satisfying. NEwhere is proud to sell high quality flavors in premium blends. For first-time vape-users our blends are a great introduction to commonly enjoyed flavors. When combined with the right nicotine level you will have a smooth and satisfying experience

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