How Many Adults Are Vaping?

How Many Adults Are Vaping?

Vaping use is always under debate. However, there was a poll recently conducted by Reuters that showed vaping is quite popular. The poll showed that vaping is most popular in adults who are under the age of 40. In fact, 15 percent of adults who are under the age of 40 vape. The poll also showed that one out of 10 adults currently vape. Below is a list of some of the other interesting figures from the poll:

- Seven out of 10 people who vape have started within the past year. This shows that vaping has become extremely popular within the past year. It is one of the most interesting statistics about vaping.

- Half of people who vape have stated that their friends and family members have encouraged them to start vaping. This shows that word of mouth is one of the things that has contributed to the increasing in popularity in vaping and the expansion of the market.

- There are several reasons that people have opted to give vaping a try. Four out of 10 people who vape have stated that they choose to do so because they can do it indoors. They have also stated that they vape because it will help them save money in the long run.

- Eight out of 10 people have stated that vaping is a great way to help one stop smoking. Only four of 10 of all of the adults surveyed agreed that vaping allowed them to smoke a bit less tobacco cigarettes.

- The number of people using regular cigarettes is on the decline. The poll showed that only 19 percent of adults in America are current smokers.

As a company that manufacturers it’s premium vapor product line, we are thrilled to see statistics like this. However, these statistics also show why the vaping industry has received a lot of negative attention. If an industry that is primarily run by small companies takes a large portion of the profit away from the big tobacco companies and pharmaceutical industry, then it’s likely that big corporations are going to do whatever it takes to get a stake in it.

If you haven’t heard, big tobacco companies and pharmaceutical companies have been trying to destroy the vaping industry by lobbying state governments for years now. That leaves one very important question. Will they succeed? Only time will tell whether the vaping industry will continue to grow in popularity. The stats show that vaping is not going anywhere.

Below’s chart shows data from January of 2012 to June of 2015. People online and retail stores are looking for the next vaporizer pen that would satisfy their love for vaping various electronic juice flavors.

Vaping trends in USA - July 2015

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