Ecigarettes Give Smokers Control

Ecigarettes Give Smokers Control

ByeBye-cigs-Hello-e-cigsRecently, there has been much debate surrounding e-cigarettes and what role they play for smokers. The US News Health article published in April of 2015 suggests that e-cigarettes are not a cessation aide. The point that we would like to make is that e-cigarettes are truly what you want them to be. Vaping, unlike smoking, takes the control from the manufacturer and puts it directly in the hand of the individual.

Honestly, not everyone who chooses vaping over smoking is looking to quit smoking. Many are just trying to find the experience that gives them the desired effect. There are other benefits of vaping not related to cessation that weigh heavily in the favor of e-cigarettes. There is less mess of cleaning up cigarette butts, ash, and dealing with the complaints of smoke from outsiders, friends and family members. There is also the matter of cost and depending on what options are chosen the e-cigarette can be the less expensive choice.

Here is the most important point from our standpoint, e-cigarettes give individuals control over vaping. It puts the individual in the drivers seat instead to decide the nicotine levels consumed, the device used, and the flavor of the cartridge. This is a welcome change from the old fashioned cigarettes, which are so heavily regulated that very few decisions are actually left up to the individual smoker.

If a person wanted to reduce levels of nicotine consumed daily, they can choose to buy a different cartridge and gradually wean down to the level they are comfortable with or stop entirely. But that is not the goal of everyone, only some. Others want a different level of nicotine in different situations or times of day. Others just want to be able to control their habit. As Tony Robbins likes to say, “The secret of success is learning how to use pain and pleasure instead of having pain and pleasure use you. If you do that, you’re in control of your life. If you don’t, life controls you.”

E-cigarettes get rid of some of the extra filler materials in regular smokes including tar and other ingredients that have been found to cause harm to humans. There is still ongoing research being done to compare these two options to see which is the healthier option, smoking traditional cigarettes or vaping. Vaping allows people to enjoy life more freely in social situations, to determine the level of nicotine delivered, and ultimately control their own habit.

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  • Ali Esmaili
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