UNFILTERED HEALING: Cannabidiol Oil Offers Healing Without An Ill-Feeling


Cannabidiol (more commonly, CBD) has all the potential needed to propel America’s acceptance of medicinal cannabis dramatically forward. One obstacle anchors it farther from mainstream embrace than it deserves to be: misconception.

Of the at least 85 active cannabinoid compounds found in cannabis, non-psychoactive CBD accounts for a bit less than half of its extract. It also happens to far outstrip tetrahydrocannabinol’s (THC) valid medical applications without THC’s most recognized side effects.

THC is typically the first compound the body absorbs during marijuana use, though digestion of edibles may slow its breakdown in the stomach. At the more minor range of physical consequences, it notably increases appetite while slowing reaction times and causing shallow breathing, dry mouth, dizziness and red eyes and dilated pupils. Though marijuana’s link to lung cancer remains hotly debated, marijuana use can double a user’s heart rate for up to three hours. It can also lower blood pressure dangerously, throw blood sugar out of balance, and in some cases, cause internal bleeding.

Times have changed. THC may launch the “high” recreational marijuana enthusiasts prize, but CBD e-liquid may provide the undeniably substantial benefits key to furthering the widespread public acceptance of medicinal cannabis.


In 2011 Current Drug Safety published review not only noted that CBD repeatedly demonstrates in clinical study after study that even its higher doses are “well-tolerated and safe”, but it “does not interfere with several psychomotor and psychological functions.” Rather, it’s THC that researchers largely hold responsible for unfocused thought, paranoia, anxiety, depression, impaired short-term memory and distorted senses of time that accompany marijuana’s high.

CBD ignores the brain’s highly concentrated CB1 receptors acted on by THC to alter consciousness. In fact, studies have outed CBD as marijuana’s naturally occurring CBD inhibitor. Not only does it dampen marijuana’s intoxicating effect, it may also counteract the drowsiness THC induces to the point that some high-CBD cannabis strains actually amplify alertness.

Meanwhile, CBD packs some of the most potent healing power found in cannabis:

  • Suppresses seizures
  • Reduces vomiting and nausea
  • Fights episodes of psychotic disorders
  • Anti-inflammatory properties
  • Antioxidant that fights neurodegenerative disorders
  • Fights growth of tumor and cancer cells
  • Reduces and calms anxiety and depression disorder symptoms


To be entirely fair, THC shares many of these benefits. Even holding those values equal, medical researchers are quicker to endorse CBD for its notable lack of harmful side effects and lack of displayed addictive potential. Though recreational users traditionally prefer high-THC, low-CBD strains, U.S. growers have made massive recent strides in cultivating CBD-rich strains for the medicinal market. Israeli medical cannabis facility Tikun Olam in 2012 introduced a strain in which CBD was the sole active ingredient, with virtually no THC. Tikun Olam’s strain followed in the 2009 footsteps of Avidekel, a CBD-enhanced cannabis varietal with 15.8% CBD and not even 1% THC.


Allow us to be frank: there has never been a better time or place to buy CBD vape oils than right now at NEwhere.com, for a few reasons.

CBDfx CBD vaping oil

First and most generally speaking, the tide in the struggle for medicinal cannabis isn’t turning. It has turned. The U.S. medical community has never been so open to the very real benefits of compassionate, sensible care that applies CBD’s broad spectrum of benefits.

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