Reasons Why Smokers Turn to E-Cigarettes


The e-cigarette market ballooned to more than $3 billion dollars in profits. It would seem that more and more traditional smokers are turning to vapor devices in an effort to stop smoking tobacco cigarettes and to also try something new. There are many different reasons why “vaping” has become so popular.

Vaporizer Pen with Small Cloud

Technological Advancements

Technology continues evolving daily and involves almost every aspect of human existence. It was only a matter of time that someone would invent the means to smoke electronically. The simple technology involved in making e-cigarettes and the e-juices or aerosol liquids enable former tobacco smokers the leisure of getting nicotine in a modern and much cleaner method.

Cost-Effective Vaping Devices

Compared to conventional cigarettes and tobacco products in general, the tools needed for vaping come at a fraction of the cost. While the price of tobacco continually rises, smokers literally save thousands of dollars annually by converting to electronic smoking. Additionally, the savings become immediate once a smoker makes the conversion.


In addition to acquiring a smaller amount of nicotine, e-cigarettes satisfy the physical act of smoking while providing the sensation in the back of the throat or “ throat hit” that is well-known to smokers.

Clean Freedom

When going from smoking tobacco products to e-cigarettes, individuals are free of ashtrays, smoke-filled environments and the odor attributed to smoking. Clothes, furnishings, draperies and interior locations remain clean and free from the typical brown film caused by tobacco smoke. Vapers are also no longer subject to the ridicule, rejection and isolation that commonly accompanies a traditional tobacco smoking habit.

Multiple Flavor Choices

Between the numbers and types of e-cigarette makes and models, the number of e-juice flavors available and the ability to select nicotine quantities, vapers have exponentially more options. Many have also gone on to create their own devices from available parts and make their own e-juices from available ingredients.

Less Toxins

Studies performed around the world show that e-cigarettes contain a miniscule amount of toxins compared to traditional cigarettes and other tobacco products. E-cigarette juices or aerosols contain propylene glycol, glycerin, water, flavoring and nicotine in varied amounts. While the long-term effects of inhaling some of the chemical components of the fluid remain unknown, studies show that cigarettes emit 180 to 2,000 times more toxins per puff. The amount of the toxic emissions also varied between cigarette brands. This also means that the vapor created by the devices is much less harmful to bystanders compared to the second-hand smoke produced by conventional tobacco products. The amount of tobacco found in aerosol liquids can also be decreased to nothing over time. Vapers have the option of purchasing nicotine-free liquids or concocting their own recipes.

Many physicians prefer that individuals quit smoking by using FDA approved methods or give up nicotine entirely. We agree with the FDA and the methods they have put out. Our passion is delivering the best vape product is the world and vape enthusiasts out there.

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