What Goes Into an e-Liquid

What Goes Into an e-Liquid

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There is a wide variety of different types of e-liquids that you will come across. These e-liquids will vary in different flavors and strengths. In this article, we will talk about what goes into an e-liquid.

E-Liquid Main Ingredients

The main ingredients of any e-liquid include nicotine, vegetable glycerin, propylene glycol and flavors. Each of these ingredients can be adjusted to suite your specific preferences. Below, we will explain each of these ingredients in more detail so that you know what’s in your e-liquid.


You can find e-liquids with different concentrations of nicotine in them. You will also be able to find e-liquids with no nicotine if you are just looking for the flavor. The nicotine levels will be stated in the e-liquid to ensure that you know exactly how much you are using. Nicotine levels will range from 0mg to 24 mg.

Below is the recommended strength for each specific smoker type:

– 0 mg is for those who do not want any nicotine
– 2-6 mg is for those who smoke ultra-lights and on rare occasions
– 6-12 mg is for those who smoke lights and are casual smokers
– 12-18 mg is for the average to above average smoker who like regulars
– 18-24 mg is for heavy smokers that smoke 1 or more packs per day

You can experiment with different nicotine levels to see which works best for you.

VG and PG

Propylele glycol (PG) is a thin liquid that has been used by hospitals to sanitize the circulated air for many decades. You will find that PG is an ingredient in some harmful chemicals, but it is mainly there to increase the safety of those chemicals. PG will provide you with a strong “throat hit” when you inhale it in vapor form. This will simulate the way a strong cigarette feels when you breathe it in.

Vegetable glycerin (VG) is a thick liquid that is used in e-liquids. It does not provide a throat hit for the user like PG does. It has a naturally sweeter taste to it and will create a lot more smoke when you use it.

VG/PG Ratio

All e-liquids are made with a combination of VG and PG of different ratios. The most common ratios are 50-50 (50% VG, 50% PG), or 60-40 (60% VG, 40% VG). The 50-50 will give you a stronger throat hit and the 60-40 will create more smoke with a sweeter taste. Those are not the only options, however. You will be able to choose mixes ranging from 10-90 to 70-30.


The amount of flavors that can by created are endless. You will be able to find flavors of anything you like. You can find flavors that taste like fruits like cherry and strawberry, deserts like chocolate or even flavors that mimic the taste of a cigarette.

Our Recommendation

If you are new to vaping or are looking to try new e-liquid, we would recommend that you try a few different flavors, nicotine levels and ratios. This is the best way to find out the type of e-liquid that you will like the best.

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