FAA Says No to E-Cigs, Sort-Of

FAA Says No to E-Cigs, Sort-Of

FAA Bans e-Cigarettes

According to the Federal Aviation Administration, e-Cigs are among the list of banned products on planes. While many would argue that they are not a form of “smoking” the FAA cites that they “contradict the no smoking ban” and that their propylene glycol emissions are a big no-no on board flights.

While we can all be saddened for the loss of our trusty consolation companion on flights, there is a silver lining to this dilemma. The FDA has determined that these 5 nicotine replacements are allowed en route, if flying is in your future:

  • Gums – Chew until you get there…and it helps with altitude adjustment.
  • Inhalers – Apparently not all puffing is banned from flights.
  • Lozenges – Sore throat? Maybe not, but it’s better than the alternative.
  • Nasal Sprays – If you don’t mind the noise and the looks.
  • Patches – The quietest, least invasive way to go e-sig-less on a flight.


For many, flights are short. They need a quick, effective substitution that will actually work in air. Inhalers offer the quickest substitution intake for a tobacco-less flight. While the alternatives all work, some require more time than most people have to fly. Inhalers may be quick, but like gum, they require a prescription. They are also pretty costly.

While the alternatives are all workable, the real question is: when will e-sigs be allowed on flights? Well, technically, they are allowed on the flight. Both the e-sig and their e-liquids are permitted on planes. Smoking them, however, is still “up in the air.” Despite the FAA’s staunch position on the electronic device, there are some airlines that have vague rules on e-sig use in air. Call your airline before your flight to see exactly what their stance is on e-sig use.

Traveling with your e-sig should be pretty easy. However, if you get carried away and turn your e-sig into a suspicious looking contraption, please make sure you have a self addressed stamped envelope (pre-weighted and stamped accordingly) to mail it back home. Don’t let an air port faux pas cost you a great product.

Keep in mind, if your flight is pre-planned well in advance, you and your doctor can safely and effectively look into alternatives that work well for you. Try not to grab the first substitute that comes along. Call your air-port, prepare your back-up, and have a prescription filled and waiting in case of emergencies. Travel smart, so you can keep your e-sig with you.

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