Apple iWatch Best Apps: 9 Must Have Downloads

Apple iWatch Best Apps: 9 Must Have Downloads

The Apple Watch is the latest and greatest accessory from Apple. Much like the iPhone, iPad and iPod, the Apple Watch seamlessly integrates with Mac computers as well as all of the other Apple technology. This new accessory is designed to not only tell time, but it also brings a variety of other features that Apple loves enjoy using on a daily basis. If you’re thinking about getting an Apple Watch or already own one, here are some of the essential downloads that you have to get a hold of.



Don’t you hate when an awesome song comes on the radio or when you’re out and you have no idea who sings it or what the name of the song is? Shazam makes your life much easier by identifying the exact song with a push of a button. All you have to do is click the Shazam icon, and it’ll start listening to the song. Within moments, it’ll let you know the artist and the song name. Then, you can take the song and easily download it on iTunes or add it to a Spotify playlist.



You no longer have to memorize all of your passwords because 1Password can store them all for you. This app stores your passwords for a variety of different websites and other apps so you can keep them all in one safe place. They’re safely locked with a 4-digit PIN number, so all you need to do is remember your PIN. The app costs $9.99, but it’s worth the money so you don’t have to always retrieve your passwords.



One of the best features about the Apple products is that you’re able to easily set reminders for yourself. Whether you need to remember an appointment for the doctor or a lunch date, Fantastical will notify you of what you have coming up for the day. This app also integrates with Siri, so all you have to do is tell Siri to remind you of an upcoming event, and you’re good to go.



If you have big fingers, then you know the struggle of using touchscreen technology. The Cruncher app is completely free to download, and it helps make buttons bigger so you don’t have to worry about typos.



For anyone who loves online bidding on eBay, you know how important it is to keep an eye on your auctions at all times. The free eBay app for the Apple Watch allows you to do this with ease. The app shows you your activity, and it’ll also allow you to watch your current auctions with ease.




Everyone loves getting packages in the mail, and the Deliveries app allows you to easily track the status of your delivery. It’ll show you where the package or letter is on GPS, and it’ll also give you the projected delivery date.



If you love keeping an eye on what your friends and celebrities are doing via twitter, the Twitterrific app is perfect for you. This app has a great interface that makes it easy to keep an eye on specific feeds. You won’t have to worry about getting blown up with all of the twitter spam because you can adjust your settings.



For those upset that their Apple Watch didn’t come with a calculator, you can get the PCalc app. This app works quickly and efficiently, and it also allows the user to easily calculate the tip when they’re out dining.



People love Twitter because of the conciseness of the messaging, and Dart brings that to emails. There’s a 200-character limit, so you can ask questions and get short responses with the multiple-choices the app gives you.


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